Find Your Unique Fashion Style

Have you ever wondered what your Unique Fashion Style really is? You may like wearing certain colors or fabrics, while disliking others. Or maybe you’ve been wearing skinny pants and now they’re touting wide legs. And what about those white sneakers? Do they seem more appropriate for Millennials and Gen Z? How can you know what your style is and if it’s appropriate for your body type?

Yes, it all starts with knowing your body type, which is a combination of your shape and proportion and our BB Babes Self-Assessment Fashion Profile will get you started.

What is body type?

To understand what styles will help you look good and feel great, while staying current in today’s fast changing fashion world, it’s best to start by knowing your numbers. Your initial profile will be determined with a measuring tape, giving you the most accurate information about your shape and proportion.

I know. The dreaded body measurements. But they are just for your eyes only (and your fashion coach too!) And here’s the good news. Just like when you go for your yearly wellness check-up and get tested for cholesterol, blood pressure, and other metrics (you do get those, don’t you?), your body measurements will serve as a baseline to assist in determining your Unique Fashion Style. Our Health Coaching will set you on the right track for self-care and wellness check-ups.

After the measurements

Armed with this information, which can produce more than 24 different body types, you can then start to create the do’s and don’t’s of your wardrobe.

As you become more fit or lose weight (through our Fitness Coaching services), your measurements may change, but you will most-likely keep the same body type. But if your body type does change, adjustments can be made.

Putting it all together with The Fashion Eight

Get started on your Fashion Coaching journey with the 8 essential categories for creating a wardrobe specifically for your body type and personal preferences. These eight categories, which include shape and proportion, plus your selection from 116 fashion personas, are the foundation of finding your Unique Fashion Style. Over time they may wax and wane, but they will continue to paint a picture of your current style.

The Fashion Eight

Fit… Loose or tight, we’ll get it right

Size… Shhh! It’s between you and your fashion coach

Color… It’s about skin, eyes, and hair

Image… It’s all yours to keep

Shape… Think horizontally

Fabric… Knits and wovens

Pattern… Large and small

Proportion… Think vertically

How to get started

Step 1: Schedule your complementary 15-minute Fashion Styling Chat (click here)

Step 2: Get your free BB Babes E-Book for Fashion, Fitness, and Health (scroll below)

Step 3: Fill out the profile

Step 4: Chat with Mindy to discuss your results

Step 5: Choose the Fashion Coaching service that’s right for you


Fashion Coaching and finding your Unique Fashion Style is more than just choosing the right clothing. The Fashion Eight will help you create the image that you want to project. But more importantly, it’s about how it will make you feel.


The BB Babes E-Book is a Self-Assessment Profile for Fashion, Fitness, and Health.

It is a first step to:
Create Your Unique Fashion Style
Optimize Your Fitness Exercises
Improve Your Health and Wellness